Putting an end to bullying in Council Bluffs

Welcome to the STOP Bullying Now! Council Bluffs website.


The purpose of this website is to educate people on bullying and to provide resources for those dealing with bullies, bullying or cyberbullying in the Council Bluffs area.


Our goals are threefold:
1. To educate and empower residents and students of Council Bluffs to put an end to bullying in our community.
2. To provide the residents and students of Council Bluffs who are being bullied a single place to look for local area help and resources to deal with, and end, bullying.
3. To gather and list the best resources available on the internet to educate, empower and engage residents and students to put an end to bullying.


This site will continue to evolve as new resources are available. If you know of additional resources that would benefit victims of bullying, please forward them to StopBullyingNowCB@cox.net for inclusion onto this site.

Information Resources

How to use this website.

This site is an ever evolving source of information on bullying and it’s related topics. I have done my best to keep it as organized as possible. The easiest way to find the information you are looking for will be one of the following ways:

1. Type what you are looking for into the search bar at the top of the screen.
2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate the website.
3. Select a topic from the “Topics” list at the bottom right of the page.

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